Misaq Eshaghi


Misaq Eshaghi was born in 1985 in Mashhad, Iran. He started Playing Tonbak with his father master Dariush Eshaghi from the early age. He started learning violin at the age of 9 and then became interested in Kamancheh . He learned Kamancheh with Mahmood Razmgar and Mohamad Moghadasi in Mashhad. After a few years he moved to Tehran_ Capital of Iran_ to use better facilities in order to improve his music abilities. Misaq Continued learning Kamacheh with Master Ardeshir Kamkar for 6 years, while he also studied music composition and Harmony with Master Kambiz Roshanravan. For a short period of time he also studies with different masters for Kamancheh, Such as Master Mohammad Reza Lotfi, Saeed Farajpoori and Ali Akbar Shekarchi.

At the age of 23 Misaq moved to United States with his brother to pursue his studies in music technology and composition.

He has been a member of Koobang Ensemble, headed by Master Dariush Eshaghi, since 2005. He has performed at various concerts with Koobang Ensemble in United States :

  • Los Angeles 2011 2013
  • Chicago 2012
  • Orange County 2012
  • Arizona 2013

Misaq and Koobang Ensemble have produced 3 music albums and they are working on the new one now.

Currently, Misaq lives in Los Angeles, teaching Persian music (Tonbak, Daf, Kamancheh).