Event Date: 03 December 2017
Event Time: 5:30 PM To 9:00 PM
Address: Aratani Theater, 244 S San Pedro St, Los Angeles, CA 90012
To book tickets or to sponsor our show please call (310) 490-5507

Dear Friend and Supporter:

We invite you to join with us for “Beyond the Darkness”, a benefit concert to support Beyond Vision Music Foundation on December 3rd at the Artani Theater in Los Angeles.  Believe us when we say you will long remember not only the music, but the power of music for those who are visually impaired.

Beyond Vision Music Foundation was founded by Saeed Deihimi who was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (a degenerative disease that ultimately leads to blindness) at an early age.  Making the diagnosis even more devastating was his older brother, Hamid Deihimi, receiving the same diagnosis a few years earlier.  Their mother, not one to dwell in self-pity for either herself of her sons, enrolled them in music classes.  Within a few years, the brothers turned their talent and skills into teaching others in the basement of their home.  That was 40 years ago.  Today, they are as committed as they were when their music journey began.  Music allows the visually impaired to “see” the world in a way you and I may not understand, but surely can appreciate and support.

Beyond Vision Music Foundation helps enrich the lives of the blind and the visually impaired by offering, at no cost, music training in a variety of disciplines.  The Foundation focuses on providing quality music lessons with all the necessary tools for ear training, music therapy, voice and hands on instruments’ training. This specialized music-learning and instruction program helps the students “see” the world through music and often preventing feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety.  The lessons are however far more than just about music – the students learn to use these skills in all aspects of their lives.

We are asking that you play a critical role in supporting Beyond Vision Music by being a part of “Beyond the Darkness” Benefit Concert.  Your financial support will allow our students to experience a life fulfilled irrespective of sight.  We have taken the liberty of enclosing a reservation form with space provided for the purchase of one of our sponsor packages, tickets or ads in our evening’s program book.  Before selecting your donation level, please do remember you can and you will make a difference to a child or an adult to go “Beyond the Darkness”.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. On behalf of those who will benefit from your generosity, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We look forward to seeing you on December 3rd.

With Warm Regards.

Sponsorship levels for December 3, 2017 Concert
Sponsorship levels for December 3, 2017 Concert


This package includes 8 VIP seats, full back cover page ad on the program, and sponsor name on the front cover, diamond sponsor name on the banner and on the show screen.  Sponsor banner draped down from the main entrance balcony with full exposure.  A link to sponsor’s website on the Beyond Vision Music Foundation website.  Sponsor’s name mentioned many times throughout the show.  Not to mention, this package includes the fulfilling sense of accomplishment by supporting such a meaningful cause!


This package includes 6 VIP seats, 1 inside cover page ad on the program, Gold Sponsor’s name on the banner and on the show screen.  Sponsors name included as “our supporter” on Beyond Vision Music Foundation website.  Sponsor acknowledged throughout the show.  This package includes an amazing sense of fulfillment by helping a worthy cause!


This package includes 4 VIP seats, 1 full page ad on the program, sponsor’s name as a silver sponsor on the banner and performance screen.  Sponsor’s name mentioned on the show and included on Beyond Vision Music Foundation website as our supporter.  At no additional cost, sponsor will feel more philanthropic!


Support your favorite performer and show them how proud you are of them.  This package includes 2 VIP seats.  Sponsor’s name will be included in the biography page of the program of your favorite performer. 


$50, $80, and $100

All Contributions are tax deductible and all net proceeds of this event will benefit Beyond Vision Music Foundation, a nonprofit organization that strives to make a better life for the blind and visually challenged individuals through the power of music.

For more information, please visit BeyondVisionMusicFoundation.org, email us at info@BVMusicFoundation.org or call (310)490-5507.